This post is to discuss the “rumors” that there is in fact a hidden secret track on the newest Tool album “10000 days”…First seen this on this blog and Longshot thought he would give it a try himself.


Longshot says: I can pretty much after seeing the evidence confirm that this is true. It’s actually a pretty simple setup to try it, and you don’t really need experience with an audio editing program. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Rip the tracks, “Viginti Tres”, “Wings for Marie Part 1”, and “Wings for Marie Part 2 – 10000 days” to your hard drive. Use whatever audio format you prefer…WAV is likely best, as it can be used by any program.

2.Open up an audio editing program like the free “Audacity” (I used Audition, but anything will work). You will need to make sure you are using a multi-track view, as you need 2 tracks. Open up the 3 tracks you ripped earlier.

secret song3. “10000 days” goes into it’s own track. The other two go into the second track. “Viginti Tres” goes first, followed by “Wings part 1”.

hidden song

And really that’s about it, and version 2 of the downloads here is what you will hear. Some sites have said that results are better when you slightly adjust the “Wings part 1” track so that the endings line up, which is how version 1 is done.

4. Export the final track as any format you prefer, and listen away!

Here are the differences in my mind between the two methods.

Version 1 – The vocals synch better, but the drumbeats seem “off” near the end.

Version 2 – The drumbeats are closer (not quite perfect, but that can be fixed with more trial and error, or a more experienced editor than myself), but the vocals are off. I was thinking that this was actually the “right” way, as the vocals seemed to have a reverb effect as a result, but I’m starting to drift back to preferring Version 1 after lots of thought and comparisons.

Whichever you prefer, it’s still a very creative effort, and quite the listening experience. You have to hear it to get it. It’s almost creepy.

It’s worth noting that I have read on a couple of forums (that I don’t have linked, unfortunately) that there are actually 5 songs on the album that have similar keys and tempos, and therefore this might be only the first step in synching 5 full tracks to create something larger! Crazy! I can’t wait to see if it’s true or not.

Tentatively, I’d like to propose naming this new track “Wings for Marie : 23 Days” The 23 comes from the fact that Viginti Tres is latin for 23, which (coincidentally? I think not.) considered by pagans to be “the number of synchronicity”.


Here are two versions he synced a bit differently. I like song 1 better, he likes 2. Either way, it is amazing!

Song 1

Song 2