Hidden song on Tool “10000 days” album confirmed!

June 20, 2006

This post is to discuss the “rumors” that there is in fact a hidden secret track on the newest Tool album “10000 days”…First seen this on this blog and Longshot thought he would give it a try himself.


Longshot says: I can pretty much after seeing the evidence confirm that this is true. It’s actually a pretty simple setup to try it, and you don’t really need experience with an audio editing program. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Rip the tracks, “Viginti Tres”, “Wings for Marie Part 1”, and “Wings for Marie Part 2 – 10000 days” to your hard drive. Use whatever audio format you prefer…WAV is likely best, as it can be used by any program.

2.Open up an audio editing program like the free “Audacity” (I used Audition, but anything will work). You will need to make sure you are using a multi-track view, as you need 2 tracks. Open up the 3 tracks you ripped earlier.

secret song3. “10000 days” goes into it’s own track. The other two go into the second track. “Viginti Tres” goes first, followed by “Wings part 1”.

hidden song

And really that’s about it, and version 2 of the downloads here is what you will hear. Some sites have said that results are better when you slightly adjust the “Wings part 1” track so that the endings line up, which is how version 1 is done.

4. Export the final track as any format you prefer, and listen away!

Here are the differences in my mind between the two methods.

Version 1 – The vocals synch better, but the drumbeats seem “off” near the end.

Version 2 – The drumbeats are closer (not quite perfect, but that can be fixed with more trial and error, or a more experienced editor than myself), but the vocals are off. I was thinking that this was actually the “right” way, as the vocals seemed to have a reverb effect as a result, but I’m starting to drift back to preferring Version 1 after lots of thought and comparisons.

Whichever you prefer, it’s still a very creative effort, and quite the listening experience. You have to hear it to get it. It’s almost creepy.

It’s worth noting that I have read on a couple of forums (that I don’t have linked, unfortunately) that there are actually 5 songs on the album that have similar keys and tempos, and therefore this might be only the first step in synching 5 full tracks to create something larger! Crazy! I can’t wait to see if it’s true or not.

Tentatively, I’d like to propose naming this new track “Wings for Marie : 23 Days” The 23 comes from the fact that Viginti Tres is latin for 23, which (coincidentally? I think not.) considered by pagans to be “the number of synchronicity”.


Here are two versions he synced a bit differently. I like song 1 better, he likes 2. Either way, it is amazing!

Song 1

Song 2


28 Responses to “Hidden song on Tool “10000 days” album confirmed!”

  1. Rich said

    this is very cool. wow. leave it to Tool. just got tickets for the concert in calgary. very excited, should be a kickass show!

  2. guy said

    Why is it a “hidden song”… and why are you so sure they did this on purpose? It seems to me that people discovered a couple of NIckleback songs sounded identical awhile back but no one called THAT a “hidden song”… no… people said they were formula or cookie cutter musicians. Nickelback generally get made fun of because of this.

    Given that, why isn’t Tool automatically guilty of the same thing?

  3. footinmouth said

    pretty sure nickleback didnt have a key song to use to sync with…

  4. Elvenking said

    I hate to break it to you…but there is nothing magic about this. For the first 5 mins…its all 10K Days…and the ambient trippiness in the last song to go along with it. You could run the last song with any one of the tunes…and it would make magic…LOL. Ok…then at the end…where Wings part 1 and 2 are playing over each other…it sounds like absolute mush…it is certainly not intentional. So…unless you got some extra LSD…I suggest you listen to the individual songs again…when is the last time you did that. I carefully studied your “hidden track” and then went back and played the original songs by themselvs…and we are talkin…nothing magic folks. The magic is in the individual tracks…mostly the 10,000 Days song…that creepy voice and all that…it’s all in that song. You guys are conjouring shit up from your own minds. I will say this….Tool really appreciates people who do stuff like this….I am sure.

  5. Elvenking said

    Yep…continually listening to the ahhhemm ‘Mega mix?’ and nothing…no magic over here….and I am even stoned. Really…I am one of those people who really wants stuff like this to be true…and I would really love it if it flowed at all…its doesn’t. It is like listening to interference between two songs. The tempo may be the same…but that doesn’t make it flow. I was hoping to hear this and validate all the positive comments….but I cannot. And no one has really mentioned why they think this is so incredible….describe something incredible about it….cause I don’t hear it. Ill hear stuff from 10,000 days and then some annoying vocals in the background that synch up to nothing but the tempo. They sounds very out of place too. Exactly like what it is….10,000 days with wings in the background. Pffftt.

  6. Elvenking said

    I take it back…not even the tempo is the same…for some reason they altered the tempo of one he tunes …maybe to lead to or from a faster song…who knows….often the strategy is to have the tempos flow from song to song. F**k if I know…but I do know this for sure now after hearing your versions…and messing around with the two songs..as a home studio musician…these songs…”FLOW” in no way what so ever together. Individually…they are super sweet……and I think Tool (Maynard) would agree. Those songs are a tribute to his mother….and if he ment them to be synchronized…it would be more obvious…and at least in time.

  7. Elvenking said

    By the way…what is it with Tool fans and all thsi weird shit. I think we all must have had LSD before. I remember reading about the sprila version of Lateralus…the so called…”Lateralus Prophecy”…ohh gawd….yawn…the thing you guys invent. SO rediculous. I write repeatedly..cause I hope to be wrong….but….no way here.

  8. Daniel said

    Blair made fun of this “secret song” in the last newsletter saying it was ridiculous

  9. Elvenking said

    It is just that…rediculous…the songs would have been precisely the same tempo at least.

  10. destruct26 said

    go to you tube type destruct26 in search and my version (which actually works) comes up in two parts, tempo and everything perfectly synced.

  11. lol DJs must be doing magic every day; now I get it!
    Anyways, Tool is good at what they do, really good.

  12. Derp said

    These samples are not lined up properly.

    Near the -1:50 mark is where you can line up the songs. There is no mashing between the drum beats and the tempo is perfect.

    The trick was stunting back wings of marie back alittle


  13. tool said

    Wow, I almost forgot about this page. Thanks Cracked!! I will try to re-upload the songs tomorrow. Or click on the link in the comment below.

  14. Tim said

    Currently listening to this with 10,000 days in my right ear and wings in my left. There’s very little, if any sync here. Maybe playing with it will take care of it… I’m going to try and line up the break at about 9:25

  15. tim said

    This for sure works and there is way more back story and creativity behind this than for it to be just a coincidence. I also just finished reading an article with the guy who produced the album who clearly stated that the album had easter eggs and hidden gems in it. The reason the mix sounds terrible when thry combined the songs is that whoever made that mix did it wrong. The tempos are the same. I used my recording software to edit them together and it works perfectly in sync. There are many links to the number sequences and hints that lead to the discovery of this song. If you think it is by accident then look up the holy gift version of lateralus. Or to make it more simple. Read about the way the song lateralus was recorded.
    If I weren’t posting this from my phone I would link the article I just read. Just google it. Its easy to find the producers interview. Don’t ever compare nickelback to tool. Terrible band.

  16. Elah said

    This one fits almost perfectly.

  17. humanbeing said

    Without Elastic Audio or some kind of quantizing program, there’s no way these two songs line up at the end in any way that makes sense. There’s even a point towards the middle/end at which there’s a bunch of crazy tension between the notes in both songs… It sounds stupid. C’mon guys 😐 I want to believe that it’s real just as much as anyone else. My ears are telling me otherwise, though.

  18. Brenton said

    makes some interesting points about this video and synchronisation

  19. Destruct26 said

    As previously aforementioned above, I was, to my knowledge, the first one to successfully make a near perfect sync:
    Part one:

    Part two:

    If anyone made or makes one more accurate than that, kudos.
    Other wise, they all sound like crap.
    You MUST alter the tempo of wings part one and slow it to match wings part 2: 10,000 days, and line them up appropriately as I have.
    For now, that’s the only way it works.

  20. Conor said

    So, I think I know a big part of the 10000 days puzzle. I think their music is so deep into spirituality that the members themselves may not even know the full extent of it. They’re pointing to something extra-dimensional and real; a life force of some kind.
    My story starts when I was 19 years old. I’ve always been interested by psychedelics and ever since I tried them I’ve been stalked by images of duality or trinity, especially the numbers eleven and two, or just two ones side by side. Sometimes three ones. To make it more nerve racking my birthday is 11/02/1992. If you notice 19 + 92 is 111. I feel like this imagery is everywhere, such as 9/11– two large towers where the human sacrifice took place that set world domination into full-swing.
    So I had a profound experience with some long slender mushrooms coincidentally on 11/11/2011 and ever since then I’ve been stalked by these numerical patterns. Too many peculiar cases to mention here. I know it’s coincidence, but I also can’t help but think about how surreal and fortunate my own life is, it’s as if this was all set in place by a higher power, in which case, all things are meaningful given that I am made to find meaning in them. And I can’t shake this off.
    If you notice on 10000 days, “lipan conjuring” is 1:11 long and Rosetta Stoned is 11:11 long. There’s the numbers again! And Rosetta Stoned is about extra-dimensional aliens trying to communicate with a person. Just like “faaip de oiad” from lateralus. On top of this, look at the artwork behind 10000 days: dual-faces creating a third face. And how about the song name “RIGHT IN TWO.”
    Interestingly enough, 10000 days is 27 years, which is infamous for being the age at which many rock stars die tragically. As pink Floyd said, “Balanced on the biggest wave, you race toward an early grave.”
    So, I think the answer to the 10000 dad puzzle lies within the spirit of our enlightened selves.

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  22. Ninjakatt said

    It’s interesting. I’m not sure if I’d call it a whole new song or not. It sounds pretty cool to me. I think it goes together for the most part. A couple mushes he and there but on the whole a good songs apart, a good song together

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